Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

I love a theme and can't miss an opportunity to share some of my favorite pink, red and love themed products. Take a look at this year's Valentine's Gift Guide. 


 1. Go on our tik tok if you want to hear us go on about placemats. Everyone should own them if you're an at home entertainer, and why not get this beautiful blush scalloped one from St. Frank. We recommend registering for 2 sets of 6. 

2. Having fun dessert plates - perhaps that are mismatched for your dinner plates is one of my favorite hosting moves. Surprise your guests with a new look - or mix and match!

3. Register for pretty tea towels. They always find themselves out - not perfectly folded away in the cupboard, so this should not be an after thought. Kitchen towels get used frequently, and they're at a great price point for a shower or engagement party.

4. These colorplay votives are a must. They're beyond adorable, will go with many different looks, and you can use them for both tea lights and tapers. 

5. I love this brown & white stripe pitcher, I love the way a pitcher adds height and dimension to a table and having a non-glass pitcher is a registry must. 

6. These amethyst hourglass vases are even more beautiful in person than they are online. Flowers make the home better, and these are the kind of vases that look beautiful in your home with or without vases. 

7. Okay, maybe this is more beach house vibes but I love a jewelry trinket - its the perfect wedding shower gift. Its a good price point, too. Add it! 

8. I love throw pillows. They really can change the look of your couch and make your entire home feel much more cozy. If you're thinking about playing with color but a bit nervous to do so, play with a combo of mix and match sized and patterned pillows. 

9. They say having plants is good for your health - especially if you live in an apartment. Whether you're avid plant parent or have a goal to become one, this is the perfect planter for you. 

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