Jacob Lamp

Jacob Lamp

There's certainly not a crowd when it comes to this mid-century modern floor lamp. Meet the Jacob lamp, a multi-light floor lamp with three moveable heads that swivel in any direction for 360-degree adjustability. With a three-headed lamp, everyone gets some light where they need it — because we all need a little space sometimes. Though traditionally classic, it’s contemporary, too, boasting stylish, 360-degree shine with sleek finishes and minimalistic lines.

Sometimes more is more. Shop this multi-light floor lamp in three different colors, including black, brass, and nickel. Match your selection to the rest of your decor when you shop for other floor and table lamps in the same finish. If you want to tell Google to turn on your lamp, plug this three-head lamp into a Smart Outlet for compatibility with any SmartHome accessory.

How many human beings does it take to change a light bulb? Six billion and one. One to hold the light bulb and six billion to screw the earth. We outfit all of our lamps, including this multi-light floor lamp, with LED bulbs for less light bulb waste. Lets help not screw the earth. Read more about sustainability here.

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