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TRIPWARE Plate 175

TRIPWARE Plate 175

Simple, minimal designs and colors compliment all kinds of food and meals!

By utilizing the matching lid, it helps reduce plastic wrap waste. Just one of TRIPWARE’s sustainable features.

TRIPWARE is upcycled ceramicware developed in Japan. Read more here  TRIPWARE | How it is made - LOIS the Store. 

Uneven color spots may occasionally appear on the surface. Glaze dripping is the result of unevenness caused by hand-applied glaze or clay, or by the flow of glaze during firing. The differences in glaze dripping are part of their unique appeal. We hope you will enjoy it as one of the beauties of ceramics; no two pieces are the same.


Product summary

・at least 20% recycled ceramic

・Microwave and Dishwasher safe


・Made in Japan

・Diameter 176xh24mm/6.9xh0.9in

・Lead free

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