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10" Carbon Steel Pan

10" Carbon Steel Pan

Discover the perfect union of tradition and innovation with Sardel's 10" Carbon Steel Pan. This skillet is more than just a kitchen tool—it’s a nod to culinary tradition, revamped for today's food lovers. A versatile, durable skillet made with care will enhance your cooking and improve the experience. 

Whether you're searing a steak, sautéing veggies, or making breakfast pancakes, the 10-inch Carbon Steel Pan is your go-to tool in the kitchen. Its superior construction ensures even heat distribution and a naturally non-stick surface that improves with use. Perfect for everything from cooking a ribeye to making scrambled eggs, this pan's spot-on dimensions and quality construction let you conquer all kinds of culinary tasks.

Explore a skillet that's not only gorgeous but functional, too  - and experience all that Italian craftsmanship has to offer.

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