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Luxe Dominoes

"El Tigre" Domino Set -Neon Pink

"El Tigre" Domino Set -Neon Pink

"El Tigre" is a modern domino set. The Neon Pink version is a vibrant option. The neon pink color lid absorbs the light even in low light conditions and it spreads the lights to the edges in a dazzling display. You have to see it to believe it!

These domino sets are meant to be displayed and played, that's why they all come with Jumbo Tournament Size Two-tone Black and White Dominoes with Spinners.

For tips on how to improve your domino game visit our Dominoes Blog or follow us on Instagram where we share the latest trends in play from the international domino scene, some cool events we participate in and we'll even show you some Noes in the wild so tag your photos with #ShowTheNoes to be featured.

We want your set to last for years so read up on proper care and maintenance here.

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