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LOCA Paper-Filterless Ceramic Coffee Dripper

LOCA Paper-Filterless Ceramic Coffee Dripper

The LOCA Ceramic Coffee Dripper is an innovative, sustainable coffee dripper that eliminates the need for disposable paper filters. Impurities are removed through the micropores, leading to a clear, better-tasting cup of coffee. If you were to use this, even just three times a week, you would save 150 paper filters annually. It is the sustainable and economical choice to make.

This does not just filter coffee! It can be used to purify most liquids, including water and even wine! It's definitely worth a try!

Some may still be skeptical on the effectiveness of LOCA’s function, so we urge you to try one and share your experience with family and friends!

LOCA is sustainable and easy to use at home :)

For everyday cleaning and special care, please see the LOCA MAINTENANCE page.
For most frequently asked questions, please see the LOCA FAQ page.


V-shape: Diameter 4.92in x H 3.93in (For 2-3 cups)

Round shape: Diameter 5.43in x H 3.07in (For 2-3 cups)

Made in Japan

Material: Porous Ceramics

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