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【Anyone can bring out easily the original aroma, savory and taste of tea leaves”】

【Fits your lifestyle and portable to use anywhere you like】

【Will be a new experience of tea brewing for you and also be a morning routine of yours】


TOKINE has achieved these three goals by using the "precipitation extraction method.

The tea leaves themselves act as a filter, filtering out any miscellaneous or delicate tea leaves, resulting in a clear, full-flavored tea. As soon as hot water is poured, the tea leaves spread out, leaving plenty of space for the tea leaves to open, allowing the full range of delicious ingredients to be extracted.


【Product summary】

Material: Semi-porcelain, Heat-resistant glass

Dimensions: Diameter 95mm x Height 169mm (3.7in x 6.6in)

Capacity: 300ml

Dishwasher safe



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